AHTS Sima is a versatile multipurpose DP2 Offshore Installation Vessel that is suited for various offshore installation works. The vessel was in 2013 upgraded with a new accommodation, new DP2 system, new Auxiliary engines and an A-frame. It can be deployed and operate anywhere in the world, and due to its design the vessel can quickly be adapted to many different tasks such as cable installation, ROV-work, towing, anchor handling and as a supply vessel.

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Information Principal dimensions​
Type of Vessel Multipurpose Offshore Installation Vessel, Unrestricted navigation ; Ice Class IB ; Length over all 81,37 m
Dynamic Positioning DP 2 Breath moulded 15,96 m
Owner JD Crafts A/S Depth Moulded 7,20 m
Operator JD-Contractor A/S Summer draught 4,90 m (7,00 m with the Azimuth down)
  Air draught 26,35 m
Deck equipment Gross Tonnage 2881 tonnes
Towing Arrangement Towing Winch MBP of 150 T
Closed Spelter Socket 280 T
Static Bollard Pull (BP) 78.18 T
The Maximum Bollard Pull (MBP) 86,5 T
Accommodation 36 (8 crew, 28 pax)
Deck crane 12.5 T at 16 m boom Main Engines 5300 kW
A-Frame SWL 32 t Winch with MRU heave compensation Auxiliary power 2780 kW
Weather deck 380 m2 Speed 13 knots
When required the vessel can be equipped with:  
Complete diving systems with treatment and decompression chamber  
Work class ROVs and embedding systems that can be controlled from aboard the vessel