Marine Archaeology

Marine Archaeology is more than a business segment for JD-Contractor A/S – it is a strong commitment to recover, preserve, document and share underwater cultural heritage with future generations. Marine Archaeology has been a significant part of the company’s activities since its founding, and over the years, we have been involved in numerous projects. 

Our involvement can be categorized as follow:

  • Contracted work: Contracts directly for museums or others involving Marine Archaeology
  • TV production: We participate in TV production regarding Marine Archaeology or subsea activities
  • Circumstantial: Locations of wrecks or artefacts in connection with our other work
  • Collections and preservation: Over the years, we have built up a significant collection of artefacts which we preserve and exhibit.
  • Library:  We have gathered a sizable collection of books and other documents relevant to Maritime History and Marine Archaeology where it is possible for students / researchers to access relevant knowledge and information.
  • Registration and documentation: We have monitored & gathered information about wrecks in the North Sea for 40 years.
  • Pro-bono work: Providing vessels, crew and equipment for specific projects or general investigations when resources are available

Many of our Activities in relation to Marine Archaeology are often non-profit, and they are financed in a combination of a sponsorship by JD-Contractor A/S’s and by work of volunteers. However, the long-term vision is to pioneer a new branch of “commercial marine archaeology,” where profits are generated from exhibitions, dissemination and explorations. To finance not only the preservation of underwater cultural heritage, but also to continuously develop the field of Marine Archaeology.