M/V Marcos is a multipurpose construction vessel. With limited draught, 2 spud legs and a four point mooring system, the vessel is ideal for costal work in water depths from 2-20 m. The vessel can be adapted to many different tasks such as excavation work, cable- and pipe installation & repair and subsea construction work. The 2 Shuttle propellers gives great manoeuvrability, and the two spud legs enables to position the vessel in depths of up to 20 m. In deeper waters, the vessel can be kept in position with the use of 4 warping winches. The spud legs are designed to make quick and precise moves and they can hold the vessel in position when dredging with a 130 ton, long reach, hydraulic excavator. The hold is of the flat top type and has a capacity of up to 300m3.

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Information Principal dimensions​
Type of Vessel Cargo- and Multipurpose vessel Length over all 40,80 m
Owner JD Crafts A/S Breadth moulded 12,00 m
Operator JD-Contractor A/S Summer draught 2,40 m (1,6 m Light ship)
    Air draught 12,00 m (17,00 m with spud legs up)
Type: Multipurpose vessel Gross Tonnage 391 tonnes
Deck equipment When required the vessel can be equipped with:​
Anchors 4 x Warping Winch for 4 point mooring Hydraulic excavator with dredging depth up to 22 meters
Deck crane 4 T at 15 m Complete diving systems with treatment and decompression chamber
Weather deck 150 m2
300 m3 Flat top hold
Cable and pipe laying systems with drum stand for cable drums 
    Jetting and suctions systems