Fleet expansion with two "new" vessels

Since investments in the Green Transition Offshore is predicted to increase significantly, JD-Contractor has invested in two “new” Offshore Installation Vessels. However, recognizing that the energy and resources going into the manufacturing of a vessel constitutes an extensive part of the vessel’s lifetime carbon/resource footprint, it was decided not to just order two new builds.

As a part of the company’s Sustainability Strategy, a decision was made to invest in two “new" vessels which had become redundant working in the oil and gas sector. The ships are currently being up-cycled to continue operations in both the Renewables, the Offshore and the Subsea Construction sector.

The idea of “sustainability” has been a part of JD-Contractor’s DNA since its beginning in 1972. In the 80’s JD-Contractor pioneered sustainable handling of wastewater (outlets and pipelines for fresh and wastewater), in the 90’s Offshore Wind and through the years the company have contributed to developing solutions for oxygenation of lakes, improvement of water quality, wreck sanitation and marine archeology.

Although our work with “sustainability” was not articulated in policies or strategies as it is today, JD-Contractor has almost 50 years of “hands-on-experience” working with “sustainability” in many forms. By up-cycling these “new” ships instead of spending a massive amount of resources on building brand new ones, this 50 year old tradition is continued.

JD-Contractor acquired the former Seismic vessel Viking Vanquish in April 2023. The ship had been laid up for a number of years, because the search for new oil and gas fields had been put on hold.
The ship is currently going through the final phase of a major refurbishment and transformation. Henceforth it will be renamed C-Installer. All seismic equipment and appliances have been removed, and a large working deck has been formed, which can be mobilized with equipment for laying and burial of subsea cables as well as setups for other types of subsea construction. C-Installer is expected to be in operation from April 2024.
In September 2023 JD-Contractor also acquired AHTS Maersk Detector from Maersk Supply Service. This ship was servicing the Offshore oil and gas sector in Canada for more than a decade before being laid up in 2021. JD-Contractor is in the final stage of preparing, updating the ship and also converting the ship’s flag state to Danish. Going forward it will be named Detector, and it is scheduled to commence on its first project in the Offshore Renewables sector in March 2024. However, it is also expected to some degree to continue servicing the Oil and Gas sector in the spot market.
With these new additions, the JD-Contractor fleet of Offshore DP2 Installation vessels is increased to five, supplemented by two Multipurpose DP1 vessels and nine ships and barges for Near Shore Construction. Hence, the addition to the fleet will signify a major increase to the capacity of JD-Contractor, when it comes to installation, service, repair, and maintenance work.