JD-Contractor establishes facilities in the port of Thyborøn

JD-Contractor has established a new base of operations for a wide range of the company’s assets in the Danish North Sea port Thyborøn.
The new facilities provide a strategic advantage for our many activities in the North Sea, especially in relation to the upcoming Offshore Windfarms planned in Danish sector. With the addition of Thyborøn as a new North Sea base of operations, JD-Contractor now has a great add-on to the existing base of operations in Kalundborg which provide a gateway to the Baltic Sea.

JD-Contractor started operating in 1972, and in the beginning the fleet consisted of just one wooden pilot boat originally from Thyborøn. Since then, a lot has changed, but throughout all these years the port of Thyborøn has been a constant and probably the most frequented port of JD-Contractor's growing fleet.
Despite having regular activity in the port throughout the last 50 years, JD-Contractor has never had a base of operations in Thyborøn. This is now changing with the establishment of a new warehouse, office and workshop conveniently located on the harbourside in the port of Thyborøn and only 60 km from the Head Office in Holstebro.
In the future JD-Contractor's Thyborøn facilities will be the center of the company’s:
 - ROV department incl. workshops and other subsea tooling
 - PLGR & Route Clearance operations
 - Projects in the North Sea incl. mobilization and service

The harbourside warehouse facilities makes Thyborøn an ideal location for the company’s ROV department, workshops and subsea tooling. It will contribute greatly to shortening the mobilization time on projects requiring these tools and assets. This is especially applicable when it comes to the companys larger ROV’s designed for burial of cables and pipelines, as it means a considerable reduction in the need for economical and time costly transport.

The advantages, that comes with the reduced need for transport, mean that Thyborøn will also become the base port of PLGR & Route Clearance operations.

With these new facilities Thyborøn will become an even more important mobilisation and service port for many of the company’s larger vessels. Especially when working on projects in the North Sea. Aside from reducing the transport time of tools and equipment the location will also shorten the sailing distances to the frequent projects in the North Sea. This will not only save time and costs, but will also signify a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions, as well as giving the vessels a quicker response time when it comes to urgent or time sensitive jobs in the North Sea.
The port of Thyborøn is generally an increasingly ideal location to have a base of operations. The port already offers a great deal of opportunities, when it comes to supplying, bunkering and especially qualified maritime services at the local shipyards. Furthermore, the prospects of future offshore windfarms and energy projects in the area makes it an even more relevant place to be.