S/B Victor is a self-propelled multipurpose / cable laying barge. With her low draught and 2 spud legs, she is ideal for inshore and near coastal type of work. With her 225 m2 and high loading capacity, she can be adapted to many different tasks such as cable- and pipe installation, repair and splicing of submarine cables, offshore windfarm operations and inshore and offshore diving operations.

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Information Principal dimensions​
Type of Barge Multipurpose Barge Length over all 43,00 m
Owner JD Crafts A/S Breadth moulded 9,50 m
Operator JD-Contractor A/S Draught 2,00 m (empty 0,90 m)
    Air draught 13,00 m (8,00 m reduced)
Deck equipment Main Engines 2 x 320 kW azimuth thrusters
Spud legs 2 x 12 meter Auxiliary Power 300 kW
Deck crane 4 t at 15 m Hydraulic crane  
Towing winch 25 t with 3 independently operated winches  
Weather deck 225 m2  
When required the vessel can be equipped with:    
Complete diving systems with treatment and decompression chamber
4 warp winches (450m, (20mm) 750kg) for 4 point mooring
Cable and pipe laying systems  
Repair and splicing equipment for submarine cables