Other Projects

Throughout the years, JD-Contractor A/S has assisted biologists, local authorities, the Coastal Directorate and DHI Water & Environment in setting up and maintaining various equipment and measurement instruments.

Among others, we have carried out the installation and the maintaining of wave- and current measurement for the Coastal Inspectorate on the Danish west coast. Likewise, we have established several measuring-stations in Danish inner waters.

JD-Contractor A/S has also carried out numerous sampling tasks. As such, we have registered flora and taken fauna samples, carried out seabed- and sand-samples, performed works involving sluicing samples and jetting samples from the seabed. In addition, we have carried out numerous surveys of coastlines etc.

In relation to underwater construction works, we can offer our expertise as either main contractor or subcontractor. We have a great deal of expertise in the establishing and renovating of underwater constructions, even in very exposed places. Since its beginning, JD-Contractor A/S has carried out numerous underwater construction works.
While carrying out these assignments we have performed such tasks as underwater cutting and welding, cathodic protection, founding, iron joining, levelling, mounting and measuring.

Over the years, we have also carried out several explosive works, both at sea and ashore. The assignments have been very varied for example; the blasting of bunkers, concrete windmills, chimneys, pylons, bridges and foundations.

At sea, we have made delicate blasting to feed pipes through concrete walls. Furthermore, we have blasted concrete piles, rocks etc.

If you need references in realation to a different type of project, please do not hesistate to contact our sales department.