About us

Operating within a challenging industry, JD-Contractor A/S has the privilege of having operated continuously as an independent contractor since 1972. With a background in the Commercial Diving industry, our company have over the years evolved into a full scale Subsea Contractor. JD-Contractor A/S delivers innovative cost-effective solutions and turnkey project management for complex offshore projects and operations.

Amongst various services, we supply:

  • Installation and repair of Subsea Cables and Pipelines
  • Subsea Construction, Maintenance & Repair Work
  • Subsea Salvage & Decommissioning
  • Subsea Survey & Inspection
  • Subsea UXO Search
  • Marine Archaeology 
  • Offshore Diving and ROV operations

Today JD-Contractor is widely recognized as an efficient offshore service provider, operating primarily in Northern Europe within the offshore renewables sector, with electrical power transmission, with utilities and with infrastructure. An excellent network of international partners means that we are able to offer subcontracts as well as full contracts both at home and abroad.

We have achieved all this through relentless strive for customer focus and operational excellence, supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced people. Together with a fleet of multi-purpose vessels and specialised equipment, JD-Contractor A/S’s employees, their expertise and commitment to excellence, is the driving force that enables us to deliver on our promises.