Cable One

C/V Cable One is a Cable Laying and Offshore Diving Support Vessel. This multipurpose vessel can operate worldwide and is specialized in cable laying, -installation & -repairs, Surveys, ROV-work and offshore diving. The vessel is equipped with Dynamic Positioning and 4 Warp anchors for precise and accurate positioning and is capable of loading 250 tons of submarine fibre cables in its coil tank. 

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Diving Equipment installed on Cable One specifications.

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Information   Principal dimensions  
Type of Vessel Cable Laying- and Offshore Diving Support Vessel, Unrestricted navigation Length over all 35,30 m
Dynamic Positioning DP 1 Breadth moulded 9,50 m
Owner JD Crafts A/S Summer draught 5,50 m
Operator JD-Contractor A/S Air draught 23,40 m
Deck equipment Gross Tonnage 419 tonnes
Anchors 4 x Warping Winch (800m, 1t. anchors) for 4 point mooring Accommodation 15 (5 crew, 10 pax)
Deck crane 1.7 T at 16 m Main Engine 1326 kW
A-Frame SWL 25 t with 10 t towing winch Auxiliary Power 651 kW
Towing Arrangement Towing Winch Min Break Load 10 T
Bollard Pull 16 T
Speed 12 knots
Weather deck 50 m2, up to 3 x 20’ containers    
When required the vessel can be equipped with: The vessel is permanently equipped with:
Work class ROVs and embedding systems that can be controlled from aboard the vessel Complete diving systems with treatment and decompression chamber
Cable laying systems, incl. inboard 250 t Equipment for mix-gas diving, surface diving to 50 metres (Trimix)
    NaviPac Online and RTK GPS