Fleet & Equipment

Through the years, JD-Contractors A/S have gone from being a local land based company operating from small near shore boats. To having a fleet of more than 10 vessels capable of working all over the world.

Our fleet ranges from Cable Laying Barges, DP2 Offshore multipurpose supply vessels, Offshore diving vessels, Inshore diving vessels to Survey boats, excavation vessels and multipurpose barges and floats.

Our extensive list of equipment ranges from various diving equipment, to large-scale machinery to finer Electronical instruments as well as a long list of ROVs and survey equipment.

Under each vessel, you will find the base data for that particular vessel as well as a downloadable PDF with the full specification sheet.
Some of the equipment will likewise have a downloadable specification sheet.

Feel free to browse through our list of Vessels and selected equipment. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contacts us, as we might still have something that will suit your specific needs placed in one of our many storage facilities.