Summer & Fall 2010 - Post burial of New Kontek Cable

Jetting and post seabed processing on 2 new 600 MW, 400 kV mass impregnated cables between Denmark and Gerrmany

Post-burial of transmission cable between Denmark and Germany (“New Kontek Cable”)

Date: July-November 2010

Client: Energinet.dk

The Kontek link connects eastern Denmark with the northern part of Germany. Among other things, the link consists of two submarine cables; approx. 6.900 meters in Storstrømmen and 43.600 meters in the Baltic Sea.

In the summer 2010 the Danish TSO Energinet.dk had two new 600 MW, 400 kV mass impregnated cables installed in Storstrømmen and in the Baltic Sea by Nexans Norway. The cables were to replace the “Old Kontek” 600 MW, 400 kV submarine oil-filled cables.

JD-Contractor A/S was awarded the contract to perform the post-burial by means of jetting in the parts of the cable, on route where the seabed was classified as soft sediment. The scope of work was further expanded to also include after processesing of the cable in the pre-excavated trenches in both Storstrømmen and the Baltic Sea.
The post-burial was done by several vessels during the second half of 2010. Burial of the cable in Storstrømmen was performed by M/S Honte and S/B Victor with diver operated “Light Jet” system combined with suction units and high pressure cutting tools.

In the Baltic Sea, M/S Cable One and M/S Vina also participating in the post-burial and after treatment of the cable with the use of divers and the “Light Jet” system.