New supply cable for Anholt Island

In the summer 2014 JD-Contractor installed a new supply cable from the Substation on Anholt Offshore Wind Farm to Anholt Island. This mean that Anholt Island is now almoust a 100 pct supplied by renewable energy.

Anholt - the small triangular island in the Kattegat with 140 residents - are on track to get Denmark's cleanest electric environmental profile. The new offshore wind farm will transform the island from diesel pig to environmental prefect. The Danish TSO Energinet.dk contracted JD-Contractor to perform the installation of a new supply cable to Anholt Island. The work included pre-trenching, rock removal, PLGR, survey, cable transport, pull-in/pull-up, cable installation and post-burial by means of jetting.

The cable was 3x150 37 kW supplied by cable manufacturer PRYSMIAN. In spite of a very short planning period from contract was signed to the work was commenced the installation was completed satisfactorily as the schedule was respected and the budget held

With the connection Anholt also gets connected to the Jutland electricity grid. This means that on windless days can be downloaded stream from Jutland. However, according to a DMI wind statistic from the decade 1989-98 Anholt has only about four windless days a year. So power from Jutland power plants is definitely the exception to the Kattegat-island.