JD-Contractor A/S is the first customer to take delivery of the brand-new V8 M500M ROV.

Two new remotely-operated underwater vehicles (ROV’s) have been added to JD-Contractors fleet inspection ROV’s from Ocean Modules. Seven years after Ocean Modules introduced the original “six degrees of freedom ROV” they are still the only ROV with a control system that allows a full 360 degrees with maintained platform stability.

The V8 M500M, based on the well proved V8 M500 ROV, but equipped with larger thrusters and a beefier power supply for extended power and speed capabilities. The new model have been designed to fit our needs and hence JD-Contractor is the first to take delivery of the brand-new V8 M500M ROV

Increased capabilities for operating and ROV in stronger current during eg. Cable Lay operations have long been a wish for JD-Contractor. With this new tool we believe we have bought the most powerful and maneuverable medium size inspection ROV.  

Hence, we expect these two new remotely-operated underwater vehicles to contribute to the continued success of JD Contractor.