Installation of power supply cable to the Intake Riser

Together with Strabag Wasserbau und Bunte and JD-Contractor replaced a power supply cable to the Intake Riser.

During the installation of a cooling water inlet at a GDF SUEZ Power near Wilhelmshaven, a power supply cable to the Intake Riser was found to have a defect. JD Contractor A/S was by Strabag-Bunte awarded the work for the replacement of the cable.

The main part of the cable replacement work was to be carried out in shallow water near the shore end landing. Along the cable route towards the Intake Riser the water depth gradually increased to approx. 14.5 m.

Three vessels owned and operated by JD-Contractor A/S and manned with qualified and experienced staff from JD-Contractor A/S were employed on the project during the replacement work.

The three vessels working on the project were:

  • CLB Marcos
  • DSV Vina
  • AHT Naja
The cable replacement operation and the associated activities off the coast outside GDF SUEZ Power Plant, Wilhelmshaven was a success.  Good cooperation between Strabag Wasserbau und Bunte and JD-contractor A/S both prior to the project and during the implementation of the project resulted in a successful project.