Cable Repair & Maintenance Agreements

When a subsea cable is damaged and a fault occur, the need for repair is always most urgent. In order to be properly prepared for possible cable failures, Cable Owners need to enter into agreements with contractors that have the required experience, knowledge and special equipment to carry out subsea cable repairs.
In the Baltic Region JD-Contractor has for decades been a natural partner for Subsea cable owners. JD-Contractor are among the most experienced in Europe, when it comes to repairs of subsea cables of all sizes, this being both fibre optic cables and Power cables.
Consequently, JD-Contractor can offer maintenance agreements designed for both specific customers and customer groups to ensure a suitable and cost-effective Response Plan.

The concept of a Marine Maintenance Agreement is to ensure owners of subsea cables a fast and dependable response to a potential cable fault to limit the downtime of cable system to a minimum.

Generally, the target is to:

A. Prepare a Response Plan including actions and procedures required for a quick cable repair.

B. Having qualified personnel and suitable equipment to carry out a cable repair.

C. Having suitable vessels to carry out a repair of the cable.

The agreement is adjusted to meet the individual requirements of the client ranging from a desktop plan that needs to be set in motion, to a standby vessel ready to perform a repair on short notice.


CABLE STORAGE:  Placed between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea our Cable Storage facilities in Kalundborg, Denmark is ideal starting point for servicing cable systems all over Northern Europe. We can offer to store spare cables on carousels, reels and coils both inside our warehouse within the warehouse area.

MODULIZED EQUIPMENT: We have turntables, chutes, jointing containers, tensioners as well as various other winches and equipment required for cable repair work. The equipment is fully maintained, operational, and ready to be called out for a cable repair.

REPAIR VESSELS: We have flexible fleet of vessels, ready to undertake a cable repair in both shallow and deeper water. The vessels are crewed with permanent staff that have long and proven record of accomplishment in both cable repairs.

QUALIFIED PERSONNEL: We have a permanent staff that has a long and proven track record in both power cable repairs and fibre optic cable repairs. Normally jointers have to be sourced through the relevant cable manufacturer, i.e. through a similar service agreement. However, in the event that the there is no relevant cable manufacturer or if the client requests JD-Contractor to undertake the repair work as a main contractor, JD-Contractor can provide jointers etc. by hiring them in.

EXSTRA SERVICES: As a part of a maintenance agreement, we also offer to include survey, maintenance and embedding operations for the Cable Owners on an interruptible basis ensuring priority to cable repair operations.