Array Cable and Export Cable Installation at Offshore Windfarms

JD-Contractor was among the pioneers within the Offshore Renewables industry providing array and export cable installation and burial solutions. Hence we performed the cabling at the world’s first offshore wind farm at Tunø Knob in Denmark in 1995. Since, JD-Contractor has been working on all Danish Offshore Windfarms as well as wind farms in Sweden, Germany, UK and Ireland.
Among other we have repeatedly installed export cables that at the time of installation were the largest subsea cable in the world. In relation to offshore wind we have in-house resources with waste experience in:

• Pull-up on platforms, foundations or installed turbines
• Pull-in on shore
• Laying of export & array cables (both ICC and PCC )
• Installation of Cable Protection Systems, J-tubes etc.
• Burial and survey of cables

Consequently JD-Contractor can offer a complete set of in-house services from route planning and surveying through to cable laying, trenching, pull-up and termination.