Burial of Cables and Pipelines

Through decades JD-Contractor has developed and worked with specialized tools for burial of submarine cables and pipelines. Hence, we can offer a profound knowledge and a leading expertise within this field.
We have solutions for a range of seabed conditions and water depths, and have the ability to bury cables from beach to water depths of up to 200 m. When given an assignment, we aim to find the most cost-effective and environmental-friendly solution by selecting the appropriate tool which can quickly, carefully and safely jet, suck or trench down cables or pipelines into the seabed.
We have mechanical trenchers, jetting ROVs, suction units and diver operated systems which are supported by a fleet of flexible vessels able to work in both offshore and shallow water conditions. If requested we also perform customized cable route surveys using multibeam echo sounders, side-scan sonar, and magnetometer and sub-bottom profilers to collect data of the seabed surface and sub-surface. The survey can be combined with jetting trials, grab samples and CPTs and supplemented by a Burial Assessment Study recommending the best suitable burial tools.