Salvage & decommissioning services

Regardless of continuous maintenance and repairs, all subsea installations will have to be decommissioned at end of life time. We have experience with removing both wrecks and various subsea constructions from the seabed while protecting the environment and leaving minimum scaring of the surroundings.

Among other we have recovered and disposed of:

  • Communications & power cables (incl. oil-filled)
  • Foundations, overhead masts and concrete dolphins
  • Waste water outlets, pipelines and dispensers
  • Ship wrecks incl. fuel and cargo remnants

Offering several different methods of cutting/dismantling as well as salvage assistance our teams and equipment can work in any location from nearshore to offshore. We can offer several different methods of cutting, crushing, and controlled breaking and contamination for sensitive areas. Our general experience ensures the planning, logistics and general set up for your project meets requirements of the offshore industry. We are renowned for our excellent crews and a resolute focus on the needs of our customers – and for always delivering on our promises in a safe and efficient manner.