Services to the offshore wind industry

JD-Contractor A/S was among the pioneers within the offshore wind industry. We were involved in for the world´s first offshore wind farm located at Tunø Knob in 1995. Since we have been involved in all Danish Wind Farms as well as wind farms in Germany, Sweden, UK and Ireland. We have considerable experience in the installation as well as inspection, repair and maintenance at offshore windfarms.

During the construction face we have assisted with:


  • Seabed Survey
  • UXO-clearance
  • Route clearance
  • Rock clearance


  • Cable Installation
  • Cable burial/protection
  • Pre-excavation
  • J-tube installation
  • Anode installation
  • Installation of concrete mattresses
  • ROV-monitoring platform installation
  • Trouble shooting


  • Anode inspection
  • Marine growth surveys
  • Lost object location/recovery
  • Scour inspection
  • Thickness measurement
  • J-Tube inspection
  • Cable Inspections
Our experienced teams are able perform any task subsea and we can mobilize all necessary trades required for the work to be carried out including vessels, ROV’s and divers. Our organisation allows us for a very high degree of flexibility, thus we are capable of tackling projects off all sizes and complexity with a very short time frame from the initial contact to the final close out.