We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2023

A busy 2022 is coming to an end!

In JD-Contractor we have the privilege to look back at a diverse collection of challenging and stimulating projects completed successfully during 2022.  

It has been yet another exiting year.


Besides new cable and pipe installations to support the restructuring of critical infrastructure and to support the transition to sustainable energy we managed among other:

  • a record-high number of cable repairs, including for excample NorNed.
  • investigated and removed 400 potential UXOs (unexploded ordnance) from Lynetteholm.
  • wreck sanitation with salvage of remaining oil and ghost nets on behalf of HAV from the wrecks "Skytteren" & "Rone"
  • disconnection and reconnection of floating turbines due for service or repair.
  • Offshore Maintenance and inspections of Platforms with ROV’s.
  • Rig moves and anchor handling within oil & gas.
  • Cable Route Survey, Cable Tracking Surveys and Asset inspections.
  • ROV and 3D photogrametry of Estonia and others
  • Marine archaeological activities incl. the discovery of three unique wooden ships in the Baltic Sea
  • Wastewater outlet inspections.
  • taking well care of our fleet with maintenance and several dockings.
  • safety drills with the Danish Coastguard
  • to send employees on courses to renew various certificates from safety to maintenance to IT.

Below we have gathered some of the footage from our work during 2022. We are happy and honored that client’s within many different areas of the offshore sector call upon our services. The fact that clients keep returning with new projects can only be attributed to our dedicated, skilled and determined team of employees. Their ability to being flexible, focused on meeting the challenges and keeping spirits high is also the reason we could celebrate our 50th year anniversary this summer.

We look forward to completing new successful projects with everyone in 2023

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.