Two new chemical pipelines installed in Dakar

In a consortium with NOV Flexibles (a supplier of high quality flexible pipe systems), JD-Contractor A/S just completed the installation of two flexible flowlines incl. PLEM-systems. The two flowline systems were installed leading from the Client`s factory on shore to an offshore loading station in the Bay of Dakar (Baie de Goree). Innovative engineering and good cooperation between NOV and JD-Contractor once again proved to be a successful combination.
NOV and JDC have previously cooperated successfully on the execution of projects with supply and installation of quality flexible pipe systems for chemicals around the world. Hence, when “Industries Chimiques du Sénégal” (ICS), a branch under INDORAMA ENERGY, was looking for a turnkey solution provider of two new flowline systems to transfer ammonia and phosphoric acid to and from their chemical plant in Senegal, NOV and JDC again joint forces to deliver a cost-effective solution, tailored to satisfy the specific needs of ICS.
Through a very constructive exchange of ideas with the client to clarify their needs, NOV and JDC together designed a custom-made solution to be installed and operated at the challenging conditions towards the Atlantic Ocean of the coast of Senegal. A strong emphasis was placed on durability, simple operation and cost-conscious, so that ICS received a solution that fitted their budget and actual requirements.
After the design was finalized and the contract was signed in august 2017, production of the flexible pipe systems was initiated at NOV’s factory in Kalundborg, and the detailed engineering of the installation operation commenced. The flow lines and Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) systems were loaded directly from NOV’s factory onto JDC’s installation vessels and transported to Senegal at the end of 2017.
Installation on site in Senegal was commenced on January 8 and completed on January 30, 2018. During this period both flow lines were pulled ashore to the Client`s factory, installed from shore to PLEM location in the Bay of Dakar (Baie de Goree), buried in the seabed and installed with two PLEM-systems for connection to chemical tankers. 
The operation was only possible due to careful engineering, planning and execution by all participating parties including the Client ICS Indorama. Once again, an excellent team of dedicated employees, their expertise and their relentless strive for customer focus and operational excellence proved that JD-Contractor and NOV is a successful combination for delivering safe, high quality subsea solutions in a challenging environment.