Thy Mors Salling Cable Installations

Energinet.dk A/S had projected a plan for reinforcement of the 150 kV electricity transmission grid in the northern part of Denmark. As a part of the plan two submarine cable installations were included - across Nees Sund of approx. 1.2 km and across Salling Sund of approx. 2.6 km. The two submarine cable crossings are located in Limfjorden, respectively west and east of the Island of Mors.

Energinet.dk awarded JD-Contractor A/S the contract for the transport and laying of the submarine cables as well as the protection of the cables.

The Thy Mors Salling project was completed successfully in accordance with the method statements and risk assessments developed for the project and within the estimated time schedule.

Good cooperation between all parties involved contributed to efficient cable installations, with high focus on safety during the operations.

In some sections of both cable routes the seabed conditions were found hard and not jettable with presence of sporadic boulders and stones. The non-jettable seabed conditions were unforeseen and not apparent in the provided survey information and were therefore not planned for during the engineering phase. The protection of cable in these sections were solved by means of an alternative remedial shallow drafted burial spread.

No incidents or accidents occurred on the project and the Risk Assessments prepared beforehand have been adequate and fulfilling for the purpose of avoiding injuries and accidents.

Good cooperation between ENDK, ABB and JDC have been a key for the successfull implementation and completion of the project on time.

Several of JDC's vessels were involved on this project.

Cable specifications: