September - October 2008 – Transport and Installation, Canada

Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC) contracted JD-Contractor A/S to transport a 245 kV submarine cable from Halden in Norway to lake Ontario in Canada, and install the 8300 m long cable between Kingston and Wolfe Island.

C/B Henry P. Lading Transports Energy Cable over the North Atlantic Ocean:

Client: Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC)

September - October 2008.

Mid-September 2008 our cable barge C/B Henry P. Lading embarked on a long journey as JD-Contractor A/S was contracted by Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC) to transport a 245 kV submarine cable from Halden in Norway to lake Ontario in Canada. Despite the risk of hurricanes and bad weather a tugboat towed C/B Henry P. Lading over a three-week period arriving in Montreal on 10 October 2008. The crew of C/B Henry P. Lading then assisted in the installation of the 235mm diameter 8300 m long cable between Sand Bay, Kingston and Wolfe Island between 15 and 16 October 2008. The operation consisted of two pull-ins: one at Sand Bay and the second on Wolfe Island.

The Wolfe Island Wind Project is a 197.8 MW wind generation project located on Wolfe Island, near the City of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It consists of 86 Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines, a 34.5 kV collector system and a 24.5/230 kV substation - all located on Wolfe Island.

Prior to the arrival of C/B Henry P. Lading, CREC had prepared a 600 m long trench near Sand Bay. In the morning of 15 October 2008 C/B Henry P. Lading was positioned over the trench and connecting wires were anchored to the set up on the beach to begin the pull in. Airbags were inflated, and the cable was laid afloat on airbags. A small workboat pulled the cable towards shore, while the crew on C/B Henry P. Lading continuously laid airbags under the cable every 2-3 m, as it was spooled off.

When the cable was in place, the airbags were carefully deflated and removed while ensuring that the cable was secured at all times. Divers continually monitored the laying angle of the cable. The cable was laid within ± 5 meters of the planned route and all positions were logged into C/B Henry P. Lading’s Navi-Pac Online Navigation system.

As agreed, C/B Henry P. Lading laid out the spare cable on the seabed parallel to the main cable.

8,362 meters were loaded in Halden, Norway
8,063 meters were installed between Sand Bay and Wolfe Island
299 meters of spare cable was laid out on the seabed near Wolfe Island

The work progressed quicker than expected and well within the time reserved for the vessel.