Retrieval and decommissioning of the old Konti-Scan cable

The final task of the overall assignment of replacing and installing the new Konti-Scan cable is now complete.

Date: January / February 2015
Duration: 20 days

Client: Energinet.dk

JD-Contractor A/S was contracted to retrieving and decommissioning of the old Konti-Scan cable

This was the final task in the replacement of the Konti-Scan Cable. The new cable was previously installed in 2014

The overall assignment was divided into the following activities:

  • Loading of the new cable onto Cable laying vessel
  • Transport and installation of the new cable in defined cable tracé
  • Post protection and burial of the cable
  • Post-lay survey
  • Retrieving and decommissioning

Vessels used:

  • Henry P. Lading
  • M/V Cable One
  • T/B Naja 
  • S/B Victor