Pushing a gentle giant

New floating dock in place in Thyborøn. It was a case of the mouse leading the elephant when the largest dock on the west coast and the third largest in Denmark was connected in the port of Thyborøn with assistance by JD-Contractors small tugboat Naja on the 13th of April 2016.
The name “Thyborøn Shipyard” is now newly painted onto the side of the large floating dock. The company Thyborøn Slipway last summer bought it from the now closed Götaverken in Gothenburg.

The dock may take ships of up to 6,000 tons and up to just over 140 metres in length and 25 metres wide.
This gives Thyborøn Denmark's third largest docking capacity after Fayard in Munkebo and Orskov in Frederikshavn.
JD-Contractor is pleased to have made a small contribution to the beginning of this exciting new project and wish Thyborøn Shipyard good speed for the future.