October - Installation of pipeline in Kalundborg Harbour

DONG Energy Power A/S wished to extend an existing pipeline from the Asnæs Power Station into Kalundborg Harbour. JD-Contractor A/S was asked to perform the installation.

Date: October

Client: DONG Energy

JD-Contractor A/S was hired to deliver and install a 250 meter, ø500 mm. wastewater pipeline and outlet diffusers. Connecting from an existing pipeline from The Asnæs Power Station and out into the harbour bassin in the Kalundborg Fjord for DONG Energy.

The assignment was divided into the following activities:

  •     Diving survey.
  •     Delivery of the Pipeline, ballast blocks, outlet etc.
  •     Pre-excavation of a 2 meter deep trench in the seabed for the pipeline.
  •     Mobilisation /demobilisation of pipeline installation vessels.
  •     Installation of pipeline including connection with the existing pipeline.
  •     Post Diving survey.
  •     Final report including the diving survey report.