Oceans of Archaeology

Every so often JD-Contractor participates in various archaeological expeditions. Some of those expeditions have now been documented in the book Oceans of Archaeology edited by Anders Fischer and Lisbeth Pedersen.

In the book you will find passages with archaeological expeditions carried out from our vessels Marcos and Victor using JD-Contractor diving systems.

From the book

"Vast coastal plains that vanished below the waves thousands of years ago were highways to new territories and a cornucopia of natural riches for early humankind. Oceans of Archaeology presents these virtually unexplored areas of the archaeological world map. It scrutinises the submerged early prehistory of Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, and reveals a richness and diversity unmatched around the globe.

Specialists from ten countries join forces to tell of flooded settlements, enigmatic sacred places, amazing art and skillful navigation. Multifarious traces of food preparation, flintworking, hunting and fishing vividly illustrate Stone Age life. While children's footprints lead the way to new investigations of early prehistoric life in these now inundated landscapes."

You can see abstracts involving JD-Contractor vessels in these PDF’s

Download PDF (Køge Harbour – finding small things with large machines)

Download PDF (Orehoved – high-tech hand excavation under water)

If you are interested in the book please visit Aarhus University Press