November - Installation of a telecommunications cable in Limfjorden

TDC A/S have contracted JD-Contractor A/S to perform a survey, and afterwards to install and embed an Optical Fibre Cable between Nørholm and Gjøl in the Limfjord west of Aalborg. 

Date: November 2011
Duration: 10 days

Client: TDC A/S

JD-Contractor A/S was contracted to do a diving survey, and the subsequent laying and embedding of the optical fibre cables between Nørholm og Gjøl in Limfjorden, West of Aalborg.

Cable dimensions: Length 2,324 m, type 96LL DSC (18x4,0 + 21x5,3), double armoured cable diameter 48 mm and weight 7.1 kg/m.

The assignment was divided into the following activities:

  •     Diving survey.
  •     Mobilisation /demobilisation of cable installation vessels.
  •     Installation of the cables including bringing the land-ends ashore.
  •     Burial of the sub-sea cables and land-ends.
  •     Final report including a diving survey report.

Vessels used:

  •     M/S Vina – base and residence vessel.
  •     S/B Victor – installations vessel.