Multibeam cable route pre-survey in the Faroe Islands

JD-Contractor carried out a 31 km long multibeam cable route pre-survey for SEV between Sandoy and Suðoroy in the Faroe Islands. The survey was needed for the planning of a new cable route.
The area between Sandoy and Suðoroy can have very high currents and very rough sea conditions but we were lucky with calm seas and currents below 4 knots. The survey was completed in three days. More than 220 million accepted depth data points where collected.
During the survey, it became clear that the initial planned route for the cable was not possible. The survey was therefore changed to search for a better route.
Vina’s crew together with the on board client representative, where able to find a new route and the survey was concluded satisfactorily. A new route was found for both planned cable landings and also a cable route through the very rocky path between Sandoy and Suðoroy. The survey team found a natural path through the rocks.