May/September - Pre-trenching for the Anholt Export Cable

JD-Contractor A/S was contracted to perform the pre-trenching for the export cable to the new Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.

Date: May-September

Client: Energinet.dk

Pre-trenching for the Anholt Export Cable

In Denmark a new offshore wind farm is to be established, the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm in the sea between Djursland in Jutland and the island Anholt in Kattegat.

Energinet.dk has contracted NKT-Cables to supply and install the export cable to the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. NKT-Cables have subcontracted JD-Contractor A/S to carry out the installation of the submarine cable. This included amongst other things the pre-trenching of several kilometers of very hard seabed, primarily made of chalk and clay with stones.
The trench, 2 meters deep and 1 meter wide, was made from 0-18 meters of water-depth.
The trenching was done in due time for the instalation of the cables.

JD-Contractor A/S was also hired to do the installation of the Export Cable as well as the Post-Burial. These are scheduled for later this year.

Vessels used:

  •     M/S Marcos