May 2007 - The world’s longest underwater cable ”NorNed”

JD-Contractor A/S was hired to handle the world’s longest underwater cable ”NorNed”

JD-Contractor A/S has now joined Norske Statnett in the NorNed project, which includes the establishment of the world’s longest underwater cable. It was pulled ashore at Breivika in Kvinesdal, Norway 7 May 2007 with assistance from JD-Contractor A/S.

”NorNed” is a 700 MW power cable, that weighs 80 kg pr. meter. It stretches from Holland to Norway, a distance of 580 km.

The work JD-Contractor A/S undertook in Norway consisted of lifting the laid cable up off the seabed and carefully pulling it through a tunnel, 50 metres under water. With the aid of a winch the cable was pulled 140 metres through the tunnel before it reached the shore.

The work was carried out according to schedule and within the agreed time span.

Statnett has further contracted JD-Contractor A/S to carry out a splicing of “NorNed” cable at Kp. 47.000 in June/July 2007. JD-Contractor A/S is also contracted to exchange a piece of the “NorNed” cable at Vaddensea in August/September 2007. This will entail the laying out, splicing and entrenching of a 10 km cable.

The whole NorNed project is expected to be finished in the summer of 2008.