July/August - Installation of the Anholt Export Cable

In Denmark a new offshore wind farm is to be established of the island of Anholt, the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. JD-Contractor was assigned to do the installation of the Export Cable amongst other duties.

Date: July-August

Client: NKT-Cables / Energinet.dk

In Denmark a new offshore wind farm is to be established, the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm in the sea between Djursland in Jutland and the island of Anholt in Kattegat.

Energinet.dk has contracted NKT-Cables to supply and install the export cable to the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. NKT-Cables have subcontracted JD-Contractor A/S to carry out the installation of the submarine cable and later the embedding into the seabed and the post-burial of the cable. JD-Contractor A/S also did the pre-trenching for the cable earlier this year.

The new export cable is currently the largest subsea cable in the world.

Delivered length 24.5 km.
Outer diameter of cable is 270mm.
Cable weight 92 kg/m.

Integrated with two steel armoured fibre cables with 32 fibres in each cable.
The cable consists of three phase conductors of Aluminum.

Externaly, the cable is protected by a 7mm thick galvanized steel wire.

The cable has a bend radius of 4.1m.

Voltage level of 245.000V.

Capacity to transfer 400.000KW.

Work carried out by JD-Contractor A/S:

  •     Loading of the 25 km. 220 kV cable in Kalundborg in two sections.
  •     Transport of the two sections from Kalundborg to site.
  •     Installation of the two sections in between Djursland and the Wind farm.
  •     Jointing of the two sections.
  •     Delayed pull-in of the cable on the Trafo station in May 2012.

Vessels used:

  • C/B Henry P. Lading
  • C/S Cable One
  • T/B Naja
  • T/B Thor
  • T/B Odin
  • S/B Victor