July - Diving and ROV Inspection of Sunken Fishing Boat

JD-Contrctor A/S was assigned to inspect and assess the extent of damage to the sunken fishing boat.

Date: July

Client: Danish Maritime Authority

On the 28th of February 2011 the Fishing vessel PUK, HG 37 (OU 6507), went down with her captain. The wreck was later found by Minesweeper vessel HDMS Havkatten. The wreck located at 42 meters of seawater approxemately 33 miles West of Hirtshals.

On behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority JD-Contractor A/S have had both an ROV and a Surface Supplied Diver down at the wreck. The job was to gather information and documentation as to why the ship sank.

Vessels used:

  •     C/S Cable One