JD-Contractor awarded the contract for the cabling of the 28MW Nissum Bredning project

JD-Contractor has been awarded the contract for the cabling of the 28MW Nissum Bredning project in Denmark, where Siemens Gamesa will test a variety of its new offshore wind solutions.

Photo: "www.siemens.com/press"

On behalf of I/S Nissum Bredning Vind, Siemens Gamesa is constructing four wind turbines and related equipment in Nissum Bredning. The new 28MW Test and Development Windfarm will take a large step into the future of offshore wind technology.

Siemens Gamesa will not only supply its new 7-megawatt direct drive wind turbine, but also a number of cost efficient innovations regarding foundation solution, tower and controller settings and its new 66kV voltage solution including a new transformer, cable and switchgear systems.

Siemens Gamesa has selected  JD-Contractor to perform the cabling to shore and between turbines with the “Cable in pipe” cost-efficient cable systems. The four Siemens Gamesa SWT-7.0-154 wind turbines will be grid connected using a new cable and turbine concept with a 66kV voltage. This higher voltage results in lower costs for cabling and lower losses. Additionally, cable in pipe solutions allow for simpler cables to potentially be used between turbines.

"We are proud to be part of The Nissum Bredning Test and Development wind project which introduces a number of innovative and cost efficient solutions which can become standard for future offshore wind projects." says Rasmus Normann Andersen, CEO of JD-Contractor. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to be the first contractor to install these systems - 66kV voltage will be the standard voltage for future offshore wind power plants, and the ´Cable in Pipes concept` has great potential.”