Installation of cables at Baltic 1 windfarm off the German Coast

Installation work was carried out in July and August, and post burial of the cables in October and November after the turbines were connected.

JD-C installed Infield Cable at Germany’s first commercial offshore wind farm, Baltic 1

Date: July-November 2010

Client: nkt-cables GmbH

JD-Contractor A/S successfully installed and buried 24 cables at Germany’s first commercial offshore wind farm, the 48.3 MW EnBW Baltic 1, which has been commissioned in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Germany.
The cable installation was carried out in July and August 2010 with M/S Vina as the cable installation vessel, and then M/S Cable One performing the burial of the cable. Commissioning and subsequent post-burial survey of the cables were carried out from October to November 2010 when the turbines were in place and connected.

Consequently the infield cabling of the wind farm was in place in time for the commisioning of the wind farm on 2 May 2011. 

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