Gert Normann Andersen awarded the Lemvig / Good Life Award 2016

It has now been determined who will receive Lemvig / Good Life Award 2016. It is the man behind the Memorial Park and Sea War Museum in Thyborøn, Gert Normann Andersen, as decided by an unanimous Award Committee. The Award have existed since 1984, and together with the Award itself the winner receives 10,000 Danish kroner from the Nordea Foundation, which is donated to a charity of the Award winners choice. Gert Normann Andersen will be handed the Award at an event later this year on Sea War Museum.

"There were a number of good candidates who have made an appreciative effort for citizens in the Lemvig Municipality. Some candidates do this continuously in their daily jobs, but in addition they have done things, that you might not expect. There may be mentioned, and has been in the award proceedings, that lots of excelent voluntary effort exists, which is so vital for a good life in the Lemvig Municipality, "says the chairman of the award committee, Erik Flyvholm.

The entire committee gathered behind Gert Normann Andersen, who has created a new and different attraction in Thyborøn, which is well in line with the other attractions that are in Lemvig Municipality. It's Gert Normann Andersen's thoughts and ideas that lie behind the Memorial Park honoring the fallen at the Battle of Jutland 100 years ago. The Memorial park have since its opening attracted a lot of visitors to the municipality - not least from England and Germany. 

The Memorial Park and The Sea War Museum is not yet the finished article and development continues, but it have already proved to be great  attractions for the Lemvig Municipality, so it was only natural that now in the year of the inauguration that the initiatives were rewarded with the Lemvig / Good Life Award the Award committee stated.