February 2009 – Horns Rev 2

Embedding 42 km Export Cable between Henne Strand and Horns Rev 2: 

Date: March 2009

Project: Horns Rev 2 - Embedding.

Clients: Energinet.dk

The export cable is 21 cm thick and one of the world’s thickest; it was buried in one complete stretch, a length of in all 42 km.

Burying sub sea cables into the seabed is more complicated than doing so on land. JD-Contractor A/S has specialised within this area. The vessels C/S Cable One and M/S Honte were employed, together with divers and machinery specially designed for working on the seabed.

Even though burying such a thick cable was challenging, JD-Contractor A/S managed to bury the 42 km long export cable between Henne Strand and Horns Rev, on the west coast of Jutland, down to a depth of 1-2 metres into the seabed in only 34 days.