Delivery of new jetting ROV Subjet IV

JD-Contractor have taken delivery of its new jetting ROV "Subjet IV". The ROV is purpose built for burial of subsea cables and pipelines by our supplier ASME A/S. We have been closely involved in the development of the ROV, and the design is based on the know-how and experience, which we have gained with burial of cables and pipelines throughout the years.

The Subjet IV is the fourth generation of the Subjet system. The Subjet IV is based on water-jetting technology and can trench down all types of subsea cables and flexible pipelines.

Subjet IV is a high powered trencher designed for stabile manoeuvrability settled on seabed. The Subjet IV is equipped with belt tracks enabling the ROV to work in strong current on seabed. The depth rating is 200 m, however most equipment installed is engineered and rated for 3000 m water depths.

Jetting pumps and HPU are installed on the trencher. The HPU is 2x150KW for thrusters, and 2x30KW for control system supply.

Depending on the specific job the ROV can be fitted with cable tracker e.g. TSS, tension regulated pick up arm, a light cable depressor and ejector suction unit. The jetting beam is adapted to the seabed type in order to achieve best burial depth possible in the specific composition of seabed.