Burial of the Horns Rev 3 Export Cable completed in 12 days

On the 22nd of June JD-Contractor A/S completed the burial of the entire length of the 33 km Horns Rev 3 Export Cable. From the beach 1.5 km North of Henne Strand to the offshore transformer platform at Horns Rev. The total burial campaign was completed in just 12 days - 9 days of operation and 3 days of standby, waiting on weather.

The Danish TSO Energinet.dk is responsible for the construction of the Export Cable in the way of connecting the new substation to the power grid on land. The submarine cable with a diameter of about 28 centimetres and a weight per meter of 94 kilo was supplied and installed previously by ABB with JD-Contractor A/S as the Subcontractor for the shore landing.

JD-Contractor A/S was contracted directly by Energinet.dk to carry out the burial of the Export Cable. The burial of the cable was accomplished by our multipurpose DP2 Offshore Installation Vessel Sima and the jetting ROV Subjet III. Both vessel and ROV performed perfectly and as always, there was great focus on safety during the operations. Hence, the scope of work was successfully completed in accordance with the formulated RAMS in only 12 days - 9 days of operation and 3 days of standby waiting on weather.

Solid cooperation between Energinet.dk, JD-Contractor and the MWS proved once again to be a successful combination for the completion of the work, well within schedule and without any incidents or Non-conformities.