August - Survey and Cable tracking of 5 cables in the StorstrÝmmen

Survey and cabletracking of 5 cables in the Storstrømmen with our newly bought Survey ship Silja and our new highly sophisticated ROV. 

Date: August

Client: SEAS-NVE

SEAS-NVE are currently operating 5 submarine cables in the Storstrømmen. 3 of these cables are embedded in the seabed, however the other 2 are located on the seabed itself. SEAS-NVE have asked JD-COntractor A/S to make a complete survey of these cables.

JD-Contractor A/S have bought, build and rigged an entirely new ROV tasked to do the job as well as aquiring a new survey ship earlier this year. The ROV and survey ship are fitted with a state of the art cabletracking system, complete with:

  •     Wire Trace – Cable Tracker.
  •     RTK-DGPS positioning system.
  •     Trackpoint positioning system to get a correct position of the ROV at the seabed.
  •     Altitude & motion sensor with a gyrocompass.
  •     Camaras for maneuvers and inspections, with videorecording equipment.
  •     Multibeam Echo Sounder.

JD-Contractor A/S was able to complete a full survey. We located the cables both on and in the seabed. We were able to determine the X, Y & Z positions of the cables. Furthermore JD-Contractor A/S were able to produce 3D drawings of the seabed itself with even small details such as boulders and the changing contours of the seabed around the cables.

SEAS-NVE are now in a much better position as to decide what to do with the cables that are not embedded. They have important information as how to proceed if and when they wish to embed the last of the cables or make other arrangements to protect the cables on the seabed.

Vessels used:

  •     C/B Henry P. Lading
  •     C/S Cable One
  •     T/B Naja
  •     T/B Thor
  •     T/B Odin
  •     S/B Victor