Marine archaeological investigation & excavations

In connection with the preparation of new subsea constructions, an archaeological investigation or even archaeological excavations are often required. JD-Contractor has an extensive experience in performing archaeological investigations and excavations together with museum authorities and developers.

Over the years, we have been contracted to assist with finding, examining, excavating and protecting artefacts of great historical importance like Stone Age settlements, shipwrecks and aircraft wrecks etc.

Among other, we were involved in the comprehensive excavation of the British Line Ship St. George stranded on Danish West coast Christmas Eve 1811 over several campaigns from 1983 to 1985 and again in 95 and 96 resulting in the establishing of the Strandingsmuseum.

We also assisted the Viking Ship Museum and Archäologisches Landesamt with marine archaeological excavations of two 1600-century vessels (Swarte Arent & Lindormen) sunk during the Battle of Fehmarn in 1644.

Furthermore, we have participated in many archaeological investigations and salvaged several artefacts of great historical importance in both the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Hence, we have accumulated specialist knowledge and equipment that enables us to offer a strong partnership to both museum authorities and developers.