Collections and preservation

Over the years, we have built up a significant collection of artefacts, which we preserve and exhibit. From September 2015, a significant part of our collection is on permanent display in the Sea War Museum Jutland.

The museum is located in Thyborøn on the west coast, and the place is chosen with care. The North Sea is the nearest neighbour, and from here, you could in 1916 follow the naval battle, which later became known as the Battle of Jutland. You could not see the ships, but the sound of the big guns came rolling in from the sea like thunder.

The museum's permanent exhibition tells a number of dramatic stories from the Maritime Warfare, illustrated with original objects from the event. The museum will have an emphasis on Maritime Warfare in the North Sea during the First World War, in particular the "Battle of Jutland," history's greatest naval battles, but there is also room for several other things, especially from the west coast of Jutland.

Parallel to the museum we have a preservation workshop and a storage house were other artefacts are stored and preserved. This enables us to preserve the objects that belong to history and setup temporary exhibitions on other museums in order to raise awareness of Maritime Warfare in the North Sea during World War I and tell the story correctly and neutrally without prejudice.