In connection with our other construction and inspection activities, we from time to time by chance run into artefacts of historical interest. This has resulted in the location of numerous wrecks, anchors and other artefacts, which have been recorded, reported and in rare cases salvaged to the museum authorities.

Often this has led to the identification of a wreck and its history, and in some cases, further actions were taken to protect the wreck.

Among the most noteworthy chance finds are:

The Stinesminde Wreck
Location: Mariager fjord

Wreck from 1618 located at 9-11 meters depth. The outline of a ship around 16 meters in length is visible and especially the bow and stern planks, and mast stand out. Today a net protects the wreck.

The Aggersund Wreck
Location: Aggersund

Medieval wreck. 12 x 4 meters, sailing, clinker-built with iron rivets. The wreck lies upside down and may still contain preserved cargo. Sandbags currently protect the wreck.

The Guldborgsund Wreck
Location: Guldborgsund

Wreck from around the early 17th century. A 16-metre long vessel, presumably with the hull contents still intact. Among some of the rarer finds was the "Mast Coin" a lucky coin placed underneath the mast. The coin was a 19 millimetre silver coin.