Survey Services

JD-Contractor A/S has a wide range of equipment and software for marine survey. Together with purpose built vessels and in-house surveyors this enables us to offer a range of survey services as subcontractors as well as full contracts.

Among other, we can offer:

• CABLE ROUTE SURVEYS: We perform customized cable route surveys using multibeam echo sounders, side-scan sonar, and magnetometer and sub-bottom profilers to collect data of the seabed surface and sub-surface. The survey can be combined with jetting trials, grab samples and CPTs and supplemented by a Burial Assessment Study recommending the best suitable burial tools.

• CABLE/PIPE TRACKING SURVEYS: We can determine the position of cables via Depth of Burial and Multibeam data with both passive and active tracking systems. The survey can supplemented with visual recordings to determine that the cables/pipelines are in the correct position and if there is any risk of damage.

• HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEYS: We can offer data acquisition as well as data processing and creation of precise bathymetric charts in relation to hydrographic surveys for Local Authorities, the Dredging- & Marine construction industry and consultants.

• GEOPHYSICAL SURVEYS: We perform detailed geophysical surveys and assessments using several measuring techniques to collect data of the seabed surface and sub-surface used to design of marine structures and subsea installations.

• TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEYS: We provide topographic surveying services. This involves the production of data & maps which are true to scale. Our surveyors are experienced in carrying out small/medium topographic surveys for developers, utility companies etc.

• UXO SURVEYS & CLEARANCE: We provide detection, verification, excavation and clearance services for UXO’s, both on or below the seabed surface.

• ENVIROMENTAL SAMPLING SERVICES: Our multidisciplinary team has experience in offshore monitoring and sampling including soil, water and biodiversity tailored specifically to client needs.

We are dedicated users of EIVA advanced multipurpose suite of software products for subsea sonar, sensor survey and engineering operations, which are installed, on all of our vessels. Prior to all projects work, we always spend the time needed for the correct setup and calibration on our survey platforms in order to provide our clients with the highest degree of accuracy.
We have several vessels prepared for multibeam survey with, in the hull, or moon pool mounted sensors.  For underwater positioning systems USBL, we use moon pools for achieving the most accurate measurements. Our survey vessels can also easily be fitted with seismic equipment as side scan sonars, sub bottom echo sounders and magnetometers. The ROV’s owned by JD-Contractor A/S are all equipped with survey grade sensors and can easily be equipped with cable tracking systems, multibeam and other available survey systems on the market.