ROV Services

The use of submarine robots (or Remotely Operated Vehicles, ROVs) is becoming more and widespread. In fact, on many projects they are now preferred to human divers. Some jobs still demand a human diver though, but the ROVs can assist with a great many tasks.
They make it possible to perform work at great depths without a limited dive-time.
The greater demand for the ROV is also the reason for our continual investment and expansion of our ROV park.

These are some of the services where we can use ROVs:

  • Cable Laying
  • Cable burial
  • Cable recovery
  • Bottom trenching
  • Many various surveys and inspections
  • UXO search
  • Search and recovery
  • Underwater interventions such as valves, handles etc.
  • Video documentations
  • Archaeological projects

We have custom built several working class ROVs and we use them for cable installation and burial. Bottom trenching is also now possible at great depths due to our ROVS.

As well as the large scale working class ROVs, we have several smaller inspection and intervention ROVs suited for a multitude of task even in strong currents.

You will be able to see more of the specific type of ROVs here.