Offshore and inshore diving services

The company was founded on Commercial Diving and diving is still very much part of our DNA.
Through the years we have dived offshore, inshore, in harbours, in water reservoirs, in streams and lakes, in polluted waters, in sewers, in wasterwater and inside pipelines.
We have dived from Canada to Costa Rica. From Iceland to Thailand and we plan to do many more. 

Our Diving services both inshore and offshore includes but are not limited to:

  • Underwater construction
  • Underwater installation
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater blasting
  • Underwater cutting
  • Underwater cleaning
  • Underwater inspection
  • Underwater high pressure jetting
  • Underwater excavation
  • Underwater salvage
  • Underwater search
  • Underwater measurements and examinations
  • Video documentation

We have a number of different diving systems. Amongst others, we have:

  • Mobile Containerised Offshore Diving Systems for air and mixed gas diving.
  • Treatment and Decompression Chambers.
  • Offshore Diving Systems on board DSV C/S Cable One and other vessels.
  • Mobile Diving Systems for inshore diving.

We have a several Divers’ Workshops as Nuts and bolts used for diving equipment needs to be clinically clean. JD-Contractor A/S have specially equipped buildings and work areas for the servicing and maintenance of diving equipment and ROVs. Here our diving equipment can be inspected and serviced by our specialised technicians.

You can see a selection and more about our diving equipment here.