The Safe way or No way

JD-Contractor is committed to protecting the health and safety of all people involved with its activities, and thus achieving a safe and incident free workplace, with high standards of environmental responsibility and pollution prevention. Consequently, safety and quality has the upmost priority in our business and as such, our people are encouraged, trained and incentivised to deliver the best performance possible in all we do.

JD-Contractor A/S aim to be recognized for high quality standards, consideration for the environment and for a strong occupational health and safety culture defined in our policies.

JD-Contractor A/S encourages all employees to report ANY incident and near miss for evaluation. We aim to improve working conditions on a continuous basis to ensure that all employees are skilled and trained to perform the tasks they are appointed to.

JD-Contractor A/S is a professional and reliable partner with focus on quality in all operations and activities. We maintain a Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards.

JD-Contractor A/S support the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and adhere to these where relevant in our activities.

JD-Contractor A/S has chosen specific objectives, through our organisation referred to as key performance indicators (KPI), to reflect the areas on which we want to focus and aim to improve.

Quality Policy
JD-Contractor A/S will maintain a high quality of services to our customers, by promoting a corporate culture where employees maintain and develop their skills and qualifications.

JD-Contractor A/S want to be a professional and trustworthy partner prioritizing quality in all our activities. We maintain, and are committed to improve, a management system in accordance with ISO 9001.

JD-Contractor A/S are committed to comply with legal and applicable requirements.

Occupational health and safety Policy
JD-Contractor A/S are committed to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all employees, on land and at sea, by continuous focus on safety in all our activities.

JD-Contractor A/S will promote a culture where emphasis is on safety for the individual as well as for others and where offensive behavior, bullying and sexual harassment, is unacceptable.

JD-Contractor A/S are committed to eliminate dangers and reduce occupational health and safety risks and comply with legal and other requirements.

JD-Contractor A/S are committed to prevent injury and ill health and to improve the management system and enhance the safety and environmental performance by consultation of, and participation by, the employees.

JD-Contractor A/S want to be a professional and trustworthy partner prioritizing safety in all our activities by maintaining a management system and a SMS in accordance with ISO 45001, ISM and MLC.

Environmental Policy
JD-Contractor A/S will avoid unnecessary waste of resources, and endeavor to carry out any work without harm to the surrounding environment, on land or at sea, or to the property of the customer. We will manage garbage and store environmentally harmful products in accordance with ISM, mandatory rules, regulations, guidelines, codes of conduct and best practice in the industry.

JD-Contractor A/S are committed to fulfil legal and compliance obligations and to conduct our activities in an environmentally friendly manner, to protect the environment and prevent pollution, as well as to continual improvement of the management system to enhance the environmental performance.

JD-Contractor A/S want to be a professional and trustworthy partner prioritizing the environment in all our activities and maintaining a management system and a SMS in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISM.